Safaa Fathy was born in Egypt. She obtained her PhD from the Sorbonne in 1993. She has been Director of programme at the International College of Philosophy (2010-2016). She is a poet, filmmaker and essayist. She wrote Ordalie and Terreur with an introduction by Jacques Derrida with whom she signed a book Tourner les mots. Her most recent poetry books are Revolution goes through walls ( SplitLevel ed.) and A name to the sea (Dar Al Nahda). Her last play is Aquarius, in Sillas en la frontera. Her last films are Mohammad saved from the watersDerrida’s elsewhere and a film poem Nom à la merHer most recent essays are Au nom de la Murale (Europe N. 1053-1053) and De mur en mur (rue Descartes N.92).